Financial Professionals
You have the opportunity to assist your clients in appraising a commonly overlooked asset.  A soon-to-be-lapsed, surrendered or convertible term life insurance policy could yield substantial economic value. 

Provide your clients with the knowledge that their existing life insurance policies can be sold in the secondary market for an amount in excess of its cash surrender value.

When the fundamental need for a life insurance policy no longer exists, policy owners had two choices: surrender the policy to the issuing carrier or let the policy lapse.  Now, you and your clients have a much better alternative.
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We are recognized industry leaders
LEP is one of the leading sources in the country for Life Settlements.

Professional advisors nationwide turn to us for the life settlement needs.  Our experienced staff members have published many articles in the nation's leading financial magazines and newspapers, bringing reliable information regarding life settlements to attorneys, accountants, estate planners, financial advisors, and life settlement professionals.

LEP offers a free Fair Market Appraisal of your clients' life insurance policies.

Generally speaking, life settlements are an option for high-net-worth policy owners age 65 or older. Independent estimates report that among this group, 20% of policies have a market value that exceeds the cash value offered by the carrier. And while many policy owners are unfamiliar with life settlements until a financial professional mentions the option to them, the concept has gained attention from high-profile proponents such as Warren Buffett, former U.S. Representative Bill Gradison, and numerous media sources including The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Business Week and The Economist. A growing number of experts now believe that informing clients about offering life settlements should fall under the fiduciary duty of a financial advisor.

Fair Market Appraisal
We work closely with you to determine the viability of the sale and the eventual purchase price. 

The proceeds can be used for numerous purposes from enhancing their current coverage to funding an annuity.

Comprehensive Review
LEP will use the following during the review process:
  • Current APSs from your client
  • Policy face amount
  • Policy type
  • Cost of insurance and mortality related charges
  • Current accumulation and surrender values