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Life Equity Partners is a specialty brokerage firm that markets, underwrites, and manages life settlements.

We combine in-depth knowledge of the life insurance and life settlements industries, as well as the premium finance industry, with experience and expertise. Many policy owners, including life insurance agents, attorneys, certified public accountants, chief financial officers, estate planners, and trust officers turn to us to get the best results.
Reasons to Sell your life insurance policy
Five of the most common reasons
There are several reasons why someone would decide to sell a life insurance policy.
Below are the five of the most common:
The Policy is no longer needed or wanted - As the circumstances of life change over time, so do insurance needs. Perhaps a spouse or another beneficiary is now deceased. Or two people own a business together and create a buy-sell agreement funded by an insurance policy. The policy is no longer needed if the business is dissolved or one of the partners enters retirement.
Possibility of acquiring a superior insurance policy - Policy owners may determine that the insured could obtain a better policy, with better coverage and lower premiums. In such cases, keeping an older policy can often be detrimental to your financial portfolio.
Premium payments have become unaffordable - Large or escalating premium payments can prove to be a tremendous burden, particularly on a senior’s changing financial circumstances. In order to sustain their quality of life, such seniors may view their policy as a financial burden.
Changes in estate planning needs - As financially adept seniors seek to maximize the value of their estates, they may have found ways to minimize or eliminate the need for life insurance to pay estate or gift taxes.
Rising healthcare costs or mounting financial concerns - Health problems and other unforeseen difficulties can create circumstances that increase financial burdens and needs.
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Here are 10 Essential Things You Must Know About Selling Your Life Insurance Policy
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