The Process
A life settlement traditionally requires 6-10 weeks to be completed. The most time consuming aspect in a life settlement is acquiring necessary information to underwrite and price your case.

This includes medical records, policy information, ownership information and verifications of coverage.

Settlement Timeline
The Steps
Submit a completed application. If you have recent medical records (within the past 5 years) or an in-force policy illustration please include with your submission.

Step 2
LEP will review your application to determine if your policy would qualify for a life settlement. We will contact you with these results.

Step 3
LEP will order a complete medical history and required illustrations, if not provided with your submission.

Step 4
LEP will provide you with a preliminary pricing to determine the potential value of your policy.

Step 5
LEP will submit your case to all qualified providers
and negotiate formal offers.

Step 6
LEP then presents all offer to the policy owner for acceptance. Should the owner choose to proceed, closing documents will be provided.

Step 7
Documents need to be signed, notarized, and returned along with policy change forms and trust documents if applicable to finalize the purchase of your policy.

Step 8
Policy change forms are then submitted to your life insurance company for transfer of ownership and policy rights to the purchasing entity. Once transfer is completed and verified, funds are wired to the policy owner.

Step 9
Rescission Period - Depending on your state specific regulations, policy owner may have up to 15 calendar days to change their mind about the sale of their policy.
Important Things to know
Make sure your application is completed in full & signed.
Please understand the process can take longer than expected. Our ability to communicate with you is key to expediting the process.
Provide us with as much information as possible to help shorten the processing time (medical history, illustrations etc..)